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Social and

We are continuously working on environmental and sociocultural issues to generate a positive impact on the environment and the community.


In pursuit of sustainable floriculture, we are certified by Rainforest Alliance, with the latest certification awarded in 2021. We employ socially and environmentally responsible methods.


Our People

In addition to legal benefits, we have a fund dedicated to assisting employees in purchasing, improving, or building their own homes. We financially support educational programs at various academic levels. Additionally, we subsidize the meals of each employee, offering nutritious and balanced lunches.


Water Management

The design of our greenhouses allows for collecting and storing rainwater, covering 70% of our water needs. Computerized drip irrigation optimizes water consumption.


Recycling and Substrate

For our hydroponic production implemented since 2005, rice husks are used instead of soil. The recycling of this substrate is done in our own processing plant.

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