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Always working to have a positive impact.


Our People

We provide social benefits that go beyond the legal compensations. The employee fund we sponsor has helped improve the lives of the employee in need to buy, improve or build their houses. We also financially support education programs at different levels. Lunch is subsidized for every employee and served with the highest quality level.


We are certified by Rainforest Alliance, an organization which promotes growing methods that are socially and environmentally responsible. The last certification was given us in 2019, this certification aims at sustainable floriculture.


Water Management

The farms have been designed to collect and store rainwater, 60% of our needs are covered by this. The irrigation is computer-controlled drip irrigation designed to optimize water consumption. 


and Substrate

Hydroponic production has been implemented since 2005, rice husks are used instead of soil and planting is made on raised beds.This substrate is recycled in a modern processing plant that cleans it from pests and any disease. This gives us competitive advantage over other farms.

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