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About Us

La Gaitana Farms is a Colombian cut flower grower, supplying high-quality cut flowers to more than 21 countries. Established in 1984.

Our history

La Gaitana Farms was founded in 1984 by four partners, starting with 4 hectares of greenhouse production. In 1986, one of the partners bought a larger stake and took over as the company's general manager. After facing many challenges, the company consolidated its operation, and in 2003, it purchased more land to meet market demand. In 2005, we built a modern post-harvest facility with the highest quality standards to provide a continuous cold chain at every step of the process.

Continued investment and growth have led the farm to achieve a solid infrastructure over the years.

During these 40 years of history, two fundamental guidelines have accompanied the development of La Gaitana Farms:

the quality of our flowers and outstanding service to our customers.

Today, we still have available land for greenhouse expansion in the upcoming years.


Our Customers

We deliver our products to four continents, using air, sea, and land routes. It is a globally recognized name for quality, commitment, and customer care.


To be one of the top 10 companies in Colombia in terms of the quality of the products we cultivate while building long-term relationships with our customers and achieving a minimum annual growth of 10%.



La Gaitana is a company dedicated to cultivating and exporting fresh flowers. In this role, we strive to bring well-being and progress to our employees, development to the community, and return on investment to our shareholders.


Our farms


Guasca Farm

Located 42 km from Bogotá, this land possesses the ideal conditions for carnation cultivation.


Cota Farm

Strategically situated 10 km from Bogotá and El Dorado Airport, this farm serves as our main operational center, housing cultivation, post-harvest, and administrative areas. Three major breeders trust our production team to conduct trials for new varieties at this location.


Subachoque Farm

Located 40 km from Bogotá, this farm cultivates open-field products such as Eryngium and Brassicas.

Our Partners

Since 1984, La Gaitana Farms has been a member of the Colombian Association of Flower Exporters "Asocolflores" and has served on its board of directors. We collaborate with all carnation and mini-carnation breeders to select the best varieties and the latest collections they offer.


La Gaitana Farms takes pride in being the showcase for three of the world's leading carnation hybridizers: Dümmen Orange, Santamaria, and Danziger. They conduct flower trials at La Gaitana Farms, allowing us to participate in developing new varieties.

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